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Products widely used in large-scale sound reinforcement performances in public places, such as open-air stadiums, plazas, indoor sports, theater and other performances. Our customers have been distributed in 30 domestic provinces and cities, after years of development and accumulation of good customer relations, but also gained valuable experience in project implementation. Let customers use the product while simultaneously enjoy Fengle sound business professional, large-scale services.
Job Name:维修工
        Sex: Male

Repair familiar with electronic production, assembly, welding, skilled use of electric iron, to comply with company system, responsible.

Job requirements:
1, secondary or higher education;
2, familiar with the audio system theory and technical knowledge, there are audio products for more than 2 years of relevant work experience;
3, there is a strong goal planning and organizational ability and technology to teach technology skills;
4, good communication skills, strong sense of responsibility, self-motivated, able to sum ​​up the product quality, timely and proactive research and development, production department of communication;
5, are familiar with basic computer operations.

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